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Legislature UNANIMOUSLY passes generational K-12 funding reforms


Take action to get the bill across the finish line.

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Call Governor Baker and urge him to sign the Student Opportunity Act without any amendments.

Governor Baker: (617) 725-4005


On Wednesday, a landmark education funding reform bill was passed by both branches of the Massachusetts Legislature and sent to the Governor. The bill will correct the state’s K-12 funding formula, delivering $1.5 billion in state aid and ending decades of underfunding for the Commonwealth’s poorest kids.

After a year-long examination in 2015, the bipartisan Foundation Budget Review Commission (FBRC) found that the state was drastically underestimating the cost of K-12 education, and disproportionately so for low-income students and English learners. The Student Opportunity Act will implement all of the commission’s recommendations, including the full equity provisions. 


The bill, first released by the Education Committee in September, also incorporates additional fixes from the Education PROMISE Act, filed by Sen. Chang-Díaz and Reps. Aaron Vega and Mary Keefe. The PROMISE Act was backed by a broad coalition of students, teachers, parents, superintendents, school committees, civil rights groups, business leaders, legislators, and experts from across the state. 


At a press conference in January, the coalition called for 2019 passage of all 5 FBRC recommendations, including and especially the low-income rate. If signed into law in 2019, the Student Opportunity Act will meet all of the coalition’s criteria


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