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Sen. Chang-Díaz cuts ribbon for new building with Gov. Deval Patrick

Our communities are stronger when all families have access to affordable housing options—options that help neighborhoods stay together and allow new, young families put down roots.

Sen. Chang-Díaz visits urban garden

Protecting our environment is both a moral responsibility to future generations and a health and quality-of-life issue for us today.

Sen. Chang-Díaz speaks at DACA rally

I've seen first-hand the incredible contributions immigrants have made to our society. Throughout our state, immigrants deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Sen. Chang-Díaz talks with constituents at an event

Racial justice remains one of the most pressing issues of our times -- requiring effective and diverse policy solutions.

Sen. Chang-Díaz takes photo with young men

I support economic development investments that are targeted to build stable and broadly-shared wealth within our communities.

Sen. Chang-Díaz has engaging discussion with constituents

I believe our government functions best when it is open, transparent, and accountable to the people.

Pride flag is raised at Boston City Hall

I am a long-time advocate for of LGBTQ rights, and as a state senator I work actively to ensure our government protects, respects, and values all families and individuals.

Sen. Chang-Díaz takes a photo with constituents

Equal rights and protections for women must be a reality in our Commonwealth -- from health care to hiring to education to childcare.

Sen. Chang-Díaz talks with children

It is my personal mission to make sure our state lives up to its promise that every student will get a high-quality education, regardless of zip code.

Sen. Chang-Díaz sits with constituents in front of a mural

Everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care -- like single payer or Medicare for All.

Sen. Chang-Díaz delivers speech at MLK breakfast

As an ardent advocate for policing and criminal justice reform, I believe it’s imperative to address both the moral and fiscal costs of our current system and the toll that decades of shortsighted policies have taken on our communities.

Sen. Chang-Díaz talks with youth

I am deeply committed to ending the youth violence epidemic in our communities.

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