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Neighborhood Liaison: Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan


Stacey Nwachukwu

District Director

Stacey Nwachukwu

As the District Director, Stacey works closely with the community, serving as the liaison for the Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan neighborhoods. She is responsible for legislative and constituent work regarding the issue areas of Public Health, Housing, Youth Violence & Prevention, Labor & Workforce Development, Financial Services, Healthcare Financing, Elder Affairs, Public Service and Mental Health & Substance use Disorder (SUD).

Stacey holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from UMass Lowell. Born and raised in Roxbury, Massachusetts, Stacey is strongly committed to promoting health equity across marginalized populations. She is passionate about securing promising futures for children and youth through education and youth safety & development. Prior to joining the team, Stacey worked closely with State Representative Tami Gouveia, where she played a role in the development of the existing ACEs legislation that aims to promote resilience and community healing to mitigate adverse childhood and community experiences.


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