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State Lawmakers, Community Organizations Push For Vaccine Equity

By Paris Alston and Callum Borchers | Feb 18, 2021

More people are about to become eligible for coronavirus vaccines. But Gov. Charlie Baker says it'll probably take at least a month for them get appointments. State lawmakers, including Sonia Chang-Diaz, and community organizations are frustrated by the rollout. We speak with her and a member of the newly-formed Vaccine Equity Now! Coalition.


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State Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, D-Suffolk, and Atyia Martin, former chief resiliency officer for Boston, joined Jim Braude to talk about the key takeaways from the COVID Oversight Hearing.

A senior-level director in charge of COVID-19 vaccination equity and an allocation of $10 million to community organizations for outreach and engagement in communities of color are part of a list of five demands outlined Wednesday by a new coalition seeking to address what they say are serious racial injustices in the state's vaccine distribution plan.

Senator Chang-Díaz and the Vaccine Equity Now! Coalition discuss Massachusetts' vaccine rollout