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I believe our government functions best when it is open, transparent, and accountable to the people. As your State Senator, I am committed to these principles in whatever work our government is undertaking—from setting high standards for the responsiveness of my own office staff to constituents to pushing for clear disclosure and evaluation on corporate tax incentives and grants; from maintaining strong campaign finance laws to making our annual state budget more transparent and understandable to the average citizen.


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Departing Reps, Senators Deliver Traditional Farewell Remarks

By Chris Lisinski, Colin A. Young and Sam Doran | Dec 13, 2022

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“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Massachusetts to take a quantum leap or two on some of the things that voters have been telling Beacon Hill for a long time that they want to see us do,” Chang-Díaz said.

By Greater Boston Staff | Sep 28, 2022

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"It’s going to be a game changer," Chang-Díaz said. "I know it's going to take time for the MCAD to fill the staffing shortages that they've been experiencing in recent years, but this is a huge step forward."

By Simón Rios and Todd Wallack | Jul 30, 2022

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State Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz recently sponsored a budget amendment to increase the MCAD's funding by nearly two-thirds.

By Simón Rios and Todd Wallack | Jul 05, 2022

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