I’ve been a public school teacher and I will never forget the struggles—and victories—I saw my students, parents, and fellow teachers go through every day. I know first-hand the importance of providing our schools with the support they need to give every child the chance for success. Our public schools are ground zero for our country’s promise of equal opportunity, and they are the driving engine of Massachusetts’ economy.


As your State Senator, I have fought hard to defend education aid from budget cuts, and to make the much-needed case for expansion. I’ve also been willing to take tough votes, on all sides of the education spectrum—to put the needs of kids and families, low-income kids in particular, before the interests of adults—and I’ll never shy away from that responsibility.


In 2015, I co-chaired the bi-partisan commission that found that Massachusetts was under-estimating the cost of quality K-12 education by $1-2 billion annually. Since then, I’ve filed legislation to implement the recommendations of that commission and to cure pervasive inequities in public education. After a 4-year campaign of coalition building, organizing, and public messaging about education justice, the legislature unanimously passed and the Governor signed into law a transformative package of new investments that included everything we fought for from the Foundation Budget Review Commission recommendations, and more. The bill I filed at the beginning of the 2019-20 legislative session, the Education PROMISE Act, served as the basis for the final education funding bill, and included the full equity provisions to make a real difference for low-income and English learner students throughout the Commonwealth.


I will continue to work ceaselessly to ensure that our schools have the resources and tools they need to complete this job: skilled teachers, universal access to early education, well-rounded curricula, excellent school leadership, and active community and parental involvement. I will also work to give parents the support they need to be active participants in their children’s education.


Educators, local leaders, and state legislators united at the State House today to call for passage of the Education PROMISE Act in 2019. The bill is backed by a broad coalition of students, teachers, parents, superintendents, school committees, legislators, and experts from the heart of Boston to the outskirts of Western Massachusetts.

Jan 09, 2019


Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, D-Boston, a former Education Committee chair and a leader on education funding reform, said, “This bill stands as our commitment that, in Massachusetts, zip code must not be destiny.”

By Shira Schoenberg | Oct 03, 2019

"Our session today continues nearly a half-century of work for educational equity. And this bill would not exist without the generations of Bay Staters who tirelessly and passionately kept the cause alive. Who saw the work ahead and never gave up, even when political insiders believed the issue was dead."

Oct 03, 2019

Boston Globe

Fulfilling the promise of public education as the great equalizer is our next big goal. Bay Staters believe in it. It’s a goal our constitution anchors us to. Now, that collective effort in advocating, crafting policy, and working together has given us a chance to deliver on it.

By Sonia Chang-Díaz | Sep 30, 2019


“At what point does ‘we’re working on it’ become justice delayed and denied?” Chang-Diaz said the Senate has passed the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission multiple times. “The Legislature has had nearly four years to consider the recommendations — that’s half a kid’s elementary school years,” she said. “There’s no good reason that students will go back to school with no foundation funding plan in place.”

By Shira Schoenberg | Jul 31, 2019

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