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Affordable Housing

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Our communities are stronger when all families have access to affordable housing options—options that allow families to stay in the neighborhoods they’ve helped build over the years and that help keep new, young families in the communities where they’ve started to put down roots. But the demand for housing continues to outpace the supply—a fundamental problem that Boston cannot solve alone. It will take the best of our city and our state’s creativity and dedication to progressive values to solve these complex challenges.
As your State Senator, I have pushed for both long- and short-term solutions to stabilize the housing market and keep the dream of home ownership within reach for working families. I have worked with affordable housing advocates and development experts to target immediate funding resources into programs that have shown the most success at keeping people in stable homes and increasing our affordable housing stock. I also filed three bills to tackle the foreclosure crisis in our district. An Act to Require Judicial Foreclosure (S.1613) amends Massachusetts’ foreclosure law so that Massachusetts will join 29 other states in requiring court approval of foreclosures. An Act to Protect Tenants from Eviction in Foreclosed Properties (S.1614) prevents rental tenants in good standing from being evicted when the buildings they live in are foreclosed upon by a bank, through no fault of their own. An Act Protecting Homeowners Facing Foreclosure (S.1612) establishes a set of procedural protections for homeowners facing foreclosure.
Longer-term, we need to invest in “smart growth” and mass transit in the Commonwealth, in order to expand housing options across the state and distribute demand pressures more evenly between Boston and other areas. To ensure communities all across Massachusetts are doing their share to welcome working families, I've also filed legislation to prohibit cities and towns from making discriminatory land-use decisions, most often to block lower-income housing construction.


Jamaica Plain News

“Ensuring people have safe, reliable housing throughout this crisis is one of the most important things we can do to flatten the curve and save lives right now,” said state Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz (D-2nd Suffolk).

By David Ertischek | Apr 23, 2020

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The moratorium provides some of the strongest protections in the nation for renters, homeowners, and small business owners harmed by COVID-19.

Apr 21, 2020

Blog title

Despite the ugly policies being proposed in Washington, we were able to score major victories at the state level in Massachusetts this year. Now is the time to double-down on our progress and keep working to make sure the legislature passes key immigration and education bills.

Dec 29, 2017

Dorchester Reporter

For Sen. Chang-Diaz, the juxtaposition of the racial violence in Charlottesville and the announcement of funding to house the Bay State’s vulnerable populations struck a chord.

By Rowan Walrath | Aug 16, 2017

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